Adam is a writer and photographer.

He's been published internationally by GQ, CNN, Esquire and Rolling Stone. He's represented by literary agency Curtis Brown.

He's GQ Australia's writer-at-large. 

He was an associate online editor at British Esquire – the site won DMA Magazine Website of the Year during his tenure.

Adam's filed stories from Los Angeles, London, Baghdad, Medellín and Pyongyang.

Collaborating on branding and campaign projects, he's worked with Red Bull, Country Road, Myer, MTV, Hugo Boss and MySpace. He's a regular copywriter for style and lifestyle brands. He was a UNICEF young ambassador.

Adam's interviewed the likes of Jared Leto, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Roger Federer and David Beckham. Adam's also delved into long-form reporting: tailing a "mail-order bride" tour in South America, exploring the hermit kingdom of North Korea, and wandering through the dusty streets of Iraq on the 10-year anniversary of the Coalition-led invasion. (He reckons a busy joint in central Baghdad makes the world's tastiest kebab.) 

Adam enjoys following the Boston Celtics and American politics, even though both regularly upset him.

He's available for commissions worldwide – and would love to hear from you.


British GQ
Esquire UK
GQ Australia
Sydney Morning Herald
Rolling Stone Australia
GQ Style
The Age
Triple J Mag
GQ Brasil


Country Road, copy manager (2014-15)
Esquire UK, associate online editor (2013)
Tsunami Magazine, editor-in-chief (2010)