Analeigh Tipton

Analeigh Tipton
This story appeared in GQ.

She's hot, she's quirky – and she's coming to a futon near you.

You probably know her as That Hot Babysitter from Crazy, Stupid, Love (it’s cool; she was 22). But there’s plenty you don’t know about Analeigh Tipton, like how she was a champion figure skater, how she once had a mouse called Pedro, and how she probably won’t fall for your shit.

“Yeah, I’m not too trusting of incredibly savvy men,” says Tipton. “I like to surprise people. I’m looking to a science field for guys – they can be good with change.”

Tipton rose to fame when she climbed the tyrannical ranks of America’s Next Top Model, escaping with a modeling contract. Next up was an acting turn, which began predictably when she was cast as “Hot Girl” in The Green Hornet. And sure, the casting directors got it right (see: impossible lips! Weeks-long legs! Eyes like blue lagoons!) but this ain’t another cookie-cutter model-slash-whatever.

Pivoting from her breakout role alongside Carrell and Gosling, Tipton raised eyebrows with an arc as a pseudo-pimp on HBO’s Hung. Her latest project, Warm Bodies, is a zombie romance (zom-rom!) that that critics are lauding as not brain-dead. All signs point to: the girl’s got chops. 

The girl’s got wanderlust, too. While other actresses-on-the-make are jetting to St. Barths, slinking around the pool at the Standard and buying walk-ups in West Hollywood, where is Tipton?


Wait – what?

“I Couchsurfed through Iceland. I started in Reykjavik, and then took a car with some backpackers up to the northwest peninsula.”

For the uninitiated, Couchsurfing (capital ‘C’) is a website founded on the antiquated idea that you can find a stranger on the internet, ask to crash on their couch, and not die. It’s lunacy to some, but utopia to extreme extroverts and Into The Wild types. (Take our word for it: Tipton sure makes the word “Reykjavik” sound sexy.)

“I’ve been involved with Couchsurfing community for awhile. I see a lot of Australians doing it. I’ve met the raddest people there. It’s about being open to the experience.” 

Cue the sound of a million dudes hitting up Ikea for a new schäslong — hospitality just got way, way sexier.